Hello world!

Hello all,

I hope life finds you well. I have been encouraged to write for quite some time, but didn’t know where to begin so this is the beginning like so many incredible journeys. I have been journaling on and off for a while hoping to leave behind a type of roadmap of life’s experiences. I have not taken the time to review or catalog those journals, but that will be for another day should it be available.

This life we share can be both beautiful and horrible. I suspect most would choose beautiful given the option, but horrible seems to follow like a dark cloud blocking the warmth and brilliance of the sun. Have you ever tried to outrun the cloud only to find it follows you even in the place you find most safe. I believe our personal life experiences can make us stronger and more appreciative when the cloud finally breaks from the rays of the sun bursting through and the warmth penetrating to our very souls.

This seems truncated, but I will learn to start and complete a thought and or theme over time as my mind extracts information from my own memories and present experiences.




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