Learning as I go along

Good day all,

I’m tired of being tired. I bet none of you has ever felt this before. Not productive at work today, but thank God I have a job. Talked to friends today on different topics. Some of the topics are personal and some social. Like most of us I was greatly influenced by my parents, but time and experience taught me they might be wrong about some things.

The first topic was on goals or the lack of. I never had long term goals until recently, better late than never. The other topic with my other friend was on immigration and college entrance qualifications. I found myself extremely ignorant on the immigration topic and have been educating myself on college entrance. I am going to spend time understandimg these topics and the social effects of each.

I have to get up in 5 1/2 hours from now so I will have to leave this wide open. I want to share my findings as I learn and hopefully elicit some informed discussion.

Be Blessed



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