Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy.

Good day friends,

The title speaks volumes. We often want to help those experienceing trials, but fail to realize counsel best given is from one has had similar experiences and found a solution or solutions. Counsel from conventional wisdom is sometime appreciated for effort, but useless at best and counterproductive at the worst. The old saying that life is the best teacher is often true. Often people who are experiencing trials realize their experiences can help others so they pursue careers in counseling.

Personal trials can be a blessing if used to help others. I am sure we have all experienced trials and who is to say one is greater than another. The world would simply put trials on a scale of 1-10 , but that is not accurate. We all develop value systems that helps us survive, but do not necessarily result in peace or joy. On a practical level there are many ways to experience relief from trials, but I have found them often to be only temporary and like changing patterns required continued upkeep to remain effective and the result diminished over time.

Helping others is probably the most common way to put aside bitterness of soul and begin to experience joy.  Helping others instead of focusing on ourselves can lead to a well spring of joy. To recognize others experiencing trials greater than your own can give us strength and encouragement. We are each unique and have potential to bring such beauty to this world, If we could only consider other’s needs greater than our own.  Try being kind to one another and the distant feelings of joy might draw near putting aside the feelings of bitterness. Remember “Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy.”




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