Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

To love your neighbor as yourself? Have you ever sincerely asked yourself, “Why don’t I love my neighbor as myself?” especially if you live in an apartment or condo? Houses allow us to avoid our neighbors by driving in and out of our garages without actually having to communicate. Apartments and condos are much more intimate. Often doors can be within feet of each other making it hard to ignore your neighbor.

A startling realization came to mind when acknowledging that we might be loving our neighbors as ourselves. Does loving yourself mean you have to be a narcissist. Consider your life experiences and how you wish someone could have come alongside you to listen and counsel. We often have to consider we might be depriving our neighbors and ourselves of wonderful relationships. Taking time to listen and talk to your neighbors is loving them. My wife always puts relationships before duty, but never foregoes duty.

When writing these experiences and suggestions I am talking to myself as well as whoever cares to listen, which might leave me, myself and I.

Try Loving your neighbor as yourself by sharing yourself with one another.




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