My wife met a young lady on BART who seemed to be lost. It was 9 pm and the train came to the end of the line so everyone departed except a young lady in the back. The station workers said everyone had to exit but the young lady didn’t move. My wife couldn’t help, but notice so she went back into the train and tried to explain to the young lady that she had to exit the train so she did. My wife realized the young lady did speak English well and discovered she was an exchange student from Japan and was lost.

While waiting for my wife I get a call and she goes on to explain the student’s situation. The student got on the wrong train and didn’t know how to get back to where she was suppose to be so my wife offered her a ride instead of her trying to make her way back to Oakland around ten in the evening and transfer from there. My wife worried for the young ladies safety so after trying to communicate we were able to contact the student exchange host and decide on a meeting location. Everything turned out nicely for Hekai(I think) and my wife made a new friend. If it was my daughter I would hope someone would help. The lady my wife  spent the day with recommended leaving Hekai in the station and suggested she would figure it out.

Happy ending