There was a time when I thought joy was a myth put together by Hollywood in shows like the Brady bunch or partridge family. I use to think my classmates were faking joy and maybe they were, but now I am convinced that true joy is attainable. Their is a big price to attain joy that few people are willing to pay.

What does it cost to be joyful? To attain joy one must endure an excruciating surgical procedure administered by none other than yourself. One must be willing to surgically remove the part of their consciousness that allows negative people to speak words of discouragement into their lives. Unhappy people come in all shapes and sizes from the youngest to the oldest. Most effective unhappy people are in your own family sad to say.

I have learned unhappy people do not set out to be unhappy and they are held captive by the voices and opinions of those who should have been their greatest supporters, but instead were the greatest destroyers of joy. Awareness empowers us to visit unhappy family and friends without being effected by their pain, but instead trying to share sincere joy with them hoping beyond hope they might be set free from the past.

Like many conditions handed down from generation to generation, misery gets passed down also. You have to break the tradition of pain and misery and embrace joy by the absence of misery. We have to learn the difference between constructive criticism versus destructive criticism. The greatest of fools can give the wisest counsel if we can handle it and discern between helpful advice versus hurtful advice.

Be Blessed



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