Have you ever planned to be productive in general only to find you have accomplished little. I feel this way today and recently. i am trying to do something simple as buy concert tickets, but cannot get passed the service charges. The weight of this process is making me frustrated though it seems simple enough. The variables add to the confusion as there are so many vendors with different charges. I tried to find a site that reviewed all vendors and found the best price. I have not been able to find the site.

I am trying to build our emergency fund but one thing after another keeps coming up. I don’t want to disappoint my wife but these little expenses are adding up at an accelerated rate. I feel i have answered my own dilemma. We will have to forego the concert for something more fun that involves a little bit of traveling.

My refrigerator is leaking from a small tank or reservoir. I am not sure if the leak is from the tank, hose or fittings. We are using paper towels to keep water from dripping on the floor each time we open the refrigerator door. Doesn’t seem like much, but  little concerned about making it worse, but it cannot remain like this

My wife care has “Service Engine Soon” light on which is a bit discomforting so we ignore it. I bought an onboard diagnostic tester to check code. I am procrastinating. I am being highly optimistic about the car. We just returned from a 1300 mile road trip which was fun. The car ran like a champ. All of our cars need some kind of service. This is our life, at least aspect of it. I sure am busy doing nothing.




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