Its been a while since writing. I have been and still am exploring who I am. Scary ha? Things I like to do seem to be  a waste of time, things I should be doing are getting done at least. It is not fun when money is the main driver or lack of money I should say. We are not in horrible shape but I am still concerned, it’s my nature.

i am reading a book titled STRENGTHSFINDER 2.0. The book sounds like it expounds o n the idea that former GE CEO Jack Welsh taught that you should focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. By focusing on your weaknesses you can become average. By focusing on your strengths you can become exceptional. I agree.

I am going to take the assessment and see the results. Kind of frustrating that I have been told I am good at public speaking yet I have little to no desire to speak in public. I might desire to speak in public if I find the right subject or topic that I think is worth sharing.


Mike A


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